Sports, Please

Ask, and you shall receive.  When the NBA playoffs were over, I knew what was next.  I had to study up on this year’s hot players in the PGA, and after watching the Masters, I already had a favorite after my Oklahoma State boys.  Jordan Spieth has been such a pleasant surprise to watch.  If you haven’t seen him play, he will gain your respect with his manners, his language, (“that hole was dumb, it was just dumb – that is the dumbest hole I have ever played”), he is restrained, mature, just a very likable guy… even though I may not have agreed with his selection of college.

Luckily, we have had some crazy golf to watch.  The U.S. Open last weekend in Washington state was like nothing I had ever seen before.  They would have had a prettier background and better putting at the public course in my hometown in the central United States.

Also after NBA was over, there was a bit of tennis, and still some left to come.  But the bonus sport for this summer is Women’s World Cup Soccer being played in Canada.  The U.S. Women are rocking the whole world with their talent and drive.  They play tonight, and since it is now in the knock-out rounds, it’s all big-time.  So glad there is something to watch!75056Meanwhile, I need to figure out if the whole NBA draft is over and I only saw the first two rounds, or if there is something more upcoming.  I am a sports fanatic only enough to be dangerous and slightly inaccurate.

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I am celebrating this Friday with my first successful pictures of Baby O with my phone.  I have had decent luck getting pictures with cameras, but when it comes to my phone — I am not so fast on the draw.  She is just over a year old, and my phone is full of those blurry failures.  I have to be the one to always say, “can you send that to me?”IMG_2215 (1)

I KNOW!!!  It is super hard to take photos of this precious subject when I could be loving on her!

IMG_2217 (1)

No, I do not hire out my newfound photography skills.

IMG_2171 (1)

Okay, as much as you cannot tell she is having a great time, the flyswatter was selected as “toy of the day.”  We did wash it, and Pop even figured out a way to sanitize it.  We were still happy that it was only in her hands, not in her mouth.  Baby O always has serious fun.

IMG_2173 (1)

Did you know you can use a flyswatter as a broom?

IMG_2174 (1)

Here is a smile from our serious girl.  Yes, I realize I have plenty of room for improvement on photos of my sugar….

PS — You readers were pretty good on where we were a couple of days ago.  If I haven’t talked, emailed or chatted with you, the places were 1) the office in the preliminary stage, 2) Waffle Champion, 3) the hairdresser, 4) Dad’s office, and 5) the U.S. Capitol, the Speaker’s office in 1976.

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Nope, Not Going Back

Warning:  This post was written while I was still irritable after a recent visit to a big box store.  Please realize that it is tongue-in-cheek.

The aggravation begins when I pull into the giant parking lot.  I don’t really know why.  It has been the source of many frustrations throughout my years of grocery and discount store shopping.  My blood pressure begins to rise.  I breathe slowly and deeply.  I don’t want to go in, but I have picked a random weekday and a random time of that day.  Working to convince myself, “This time will be different,” I step inside and am met by the cool air conditioning hitting me right in the face.  Another deep breath as I grab for a cart with smooth-rolling wheels.  Two seconds inside the door, and I already have a “gawker” walking directly in front of me.  He is unsure where he wants to go first, so he stops right where he is and surveys all that he can see.  He’s in the center of the relatively wide aisle, but neither me, nor the other two carts behind me can pass.  Another deep breath, being very careful to not be heard…. and…. I exhale slowly and quietly.  After about 20 minutes (or maybe it was 2 minutes) trapped behind this fellow, we all escape and break quickly in different directions.  I fail by making a turn onto an aisle blocked by a distracted woman, deep in thought about deodorant.  Her cart blocks the whole aisle, and she appears to not even notice me coming.  Of course what I need is right in front of her.  I use every manner I’ve got.  Give distance, approach slowly, reach in carefully while saying “excuse me,” and “I’m so sorry.”  No response.  Yet again, politeness always pays, or not.

Same department, every aisle is blocked by a person with a cart.  Typically, I turn around and try the other direction, but I can’t get down a single aisle.   OHMMM…………..  Breathing deeply and slowly, creeping down the small tile space, I see the two people at the end of the aisle.  Again, using my most polite language and respectful attitude, I say, “Can I just grab one of these?”  Reaching behind them and requiring them to move, or just lean, a bit out of the way, “Excuse me,…. thanks.”  Silence.

Okay.  I’m done there.  Done.  Maybe I need some other things in that department, but it is TOO BAD.             Miss Movin On.

I grab my list, and check it.  It isn’t long, so let’s get this knocked out and get me to the exit.  Happily, I run into a friend that I haven’t seen in forever!  We had a nice little catch up visit, and my mood lightens dramatically. Deep breath, and back into the list.  I turn around and start putting beverages in my cart.  I notice that the price is not posted.  Okay, we’ll figure that out later, but annoying.

Vegetables needed.  (I head there last after a final stop in the juice aisle.  Same story, different verse.)  When I get to the produce, what’s the first problem you always encounter there?  Correct.  No plastic bags for my selections.  After I finally track those down, I grab 8.  Get the bags filled and into the cart, which is very full by this point, and the dreaded checkout is fast approaching.  From where I stood, it looked like it was my lucky day.  Several lanes were open, but oops, when the people in each line are 4-5 deep…..  I don’t even have to finish that sentence.  So I head for the self-check.  I don’t mind doing that at all.  I act kind of silly when I do it, as I don’t want to be accused of any impropriety.  I hold each item carefully and up high after I scan it, while I am placing it into the bag.  I want the cameras to see my every move.  I imagine the people watching this to enjoy my overemphatic moves — I hope they are laughing.

As I mentioned, I had a full cart.  I had medicines, which had to be authorized by a service manager.  I had a bag of vegetables that would not scan.  Clearly marked with a barcode on the side, but it just wouldn’t read.  Nor would my debit card.  Nor would my credit card.  I’m starting to grind my teeth.  I waited minutes for the debit card transaction to fail.  I waited several more minutes for the credit card transaction to fail.  The sweet service manager had a hard time voiding the transaction and moving it to another register.  She was precious, and she apologized over and over.  I kept telling her it was okay, it wasn’t her fault.  We became buds and were well acquainted when I finally left the store, an hour and 15 minutes later.  And yes, there were 6 items on my list.

I texted my bff and told him I wouldn’t be going back EVER.  I mean it.  He laughed.

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Where Are We?

Just for fun.  Take a guess…..IMG_1378

Use your imagination……


There’s a good chance you have recently also been to one of these places…..


C’mon, I’m throwing you some bones, here…..


I didn’t say we were there last week…..


I can’t wait to see how good you are!  I may have to find some tougher places next time.

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Quick Thought on Patriotism


As much negative as I see and read about our government and our country, I firmly believe that we live in the best country in the world.  You won’t see politics on my blog, because I simply will not go there.  But I do consider myself patriotic.  It ruffles my feathers when a flag passes in a parade, and one or several do not stand and place their hand over their heart.  It bothers me to see a flag flying in the darkness.  It irritates me when a track or field participant wraps the flag around their body and runs.

The thing I have noticed that seems to be getting worse is a circumstance at most sporting or entertainment events.  I am happy that they are presenting the national anthem, but I am offended when the games’ participants and coaches do not salute the flag or raise their hands to their hearts.  College teams, pro teams, race car drivers — I’m hard pressed to think of an instance where everyone is really paying attention during the anthem.  Most recently while watching the NBA finals, I have seen these superstars that your little kids look up to, and during the national anthem they are fidgeting or bouncing around, trying to stay loose, or who knows what.  Some are standing still, looking at the ground or eyes closed, and talking to themselves or praying.  Okay, there’s the anthem, bow your head, it’s time to pray.   Really?  Really.  C’mon.  We live in the greatest nation in the world.  Please think about that while your eyes are on the flag and your hand is over your heart.  Please set an example for everyone looking at you.  Or better yet — what if the cameramen found people doing it right and pointed the camera their way?  One more thing.  Don’t mistake my criticism of players praying during the anthem for players praying.

1 Thessalonians 5:17  —  “Pray continually,” or pray constantly, or pray without ceasing.

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Tiny Dancer

Well, we think she’s cute, and it was fun to hear from everyone.  It was hilarious to see what you wanted to know.

Does she like ALL Taylor Swift songs?      —- Gosh, I don’t know.  We haven’t played them ALL for her.  It wouldn’t surprise me.  The two of us are working on a collaboration video for “Style”.  It’s going to be fierce.  I need to line up a camera man.

Who else does she like to listen to?      —- Her spokesmother told me that Kelly Clarkson and Fall Out Boy were among her favorites.  She really digs “Heartbeat Song,” and that “Uma Thurman” song.  On second thought, maybe we should do our first collaboration to “Uma Thurman.”  The costuming would be fun on either “Style” or “Uma”…..  I’ll defer to Baby O.  As soon as she finishes this somersault.IMG_1666 (5)How long does she sleep?      —- You really do not want to know the answer to this question.  No, you don’t. Seriously, it varies, but she has been known to frequently and habitually sleep 7 PM to 7 AM.  Sometimes longer.  I apologize for telling you the truth on that one.  AND, teething has definitely played havoc with the sleep schedule.  It varies; we can leave it at that.

Look how tall she is!  Not.  It’s just an optical illusion.IMG_1554Are we doppelgängers or what?  She has the shiny golden baby hair with precious curls (invisible in this picture.)  I have …brown… hair,  also with curls you can’t see since it is pulled back.  Then there are those beautiful blue eyes… and I have the mature (wrinkly) brown eyes.  Oh, and the teeth.  We both have a mouthful of those.  The resemblance is uncanny!

Just couldn’t let it go without finishing up the Baby O post after I slept on it.  I always seem to leave something out.

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Good Times

Wow.  I checked out for a while.  Still have a long list of things to do before I declare myself “caught up,” but 2015 has been a whirlwind of a year.  I woke up today and realized it was Flag Day.  That means we are about two weeks away from this year being halfway over….  The older I get, the faster time goes.

The Pollyanna in me wants to tell you about the good… even though we have had some low points over the last few months.

One of the most delightful things to happen in my time away was all the friends I was able to see from out of town.  Maybe I was out of town and was able to meet up with them, or maybe they were here, and we were able to meet up here.  I am talking about dear and long-time friends… the kind that you can just pick right up with where you left off.  Food or ice cream was involved in every instance.  I will return to my mantra here and say again that life is short.  When you have moments or experiences that are so much fun, it makes you glad to be alive.

The Grand O had a birthday, and even though it was a couple of months back, she is continuing to grow like a weed.  Her is a very busy little girl.  She has just started being in the big pool, happily.  She likes to do somersaults, with help.  (Not in the pool.)  And this chick has the moves.  You have to touch the arrow to see the cuteness.  (The new blog format is tempting me to cuss.)

Oh, what a joy she is!

And there were flowers.  I never see flowers coming.  A big effort is now behind me.


I just have a lot to be thankful for…  the family, the friends, the hubs.  I have decided I am going to milk this life for all it’s worth– because it’s awesome.

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